Dean’s Yard Westminster

Westminster School Yard – off Dean’s Yard8562865888_4c2f793c66_o

There is a little known square buried away behind Westminster Abby.  Known simply as Dean’s Yard it comprises about an acre of land set to grass and bordered by ancient Horse Chesnut trees. It is a delightful place where a great deal can be observed. The square is a working environment, owned by the Church of England that connects the offices of the church to the west, the Church House Conference Centre to the south with the Abby buildings to the north and east, see it on the map, in the centre of the link page.

Dean’s Yard Map

Dean’s Yard is open to the public on most days. You can enter the square from two gates to the north and south, both are pedestrian-only, other than for processions or for dignitaries to enter the Abby through the rear entrance. The Abby buildings are accessible from the square and you can also access Westminster school from here with the necessary permissions. The architecture is additionally interesting.  Of course, there is Westminster Abby itself with it’s ornate baroque exterior. Also on show are some fine Georgian terraces and some Edwardian ‘church monumental’ buildings in the soft red bricks popular during that period.